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If it can be written, or thought,
it can be filmed.


This is the stage where we interpret our client’s intentions and needs to develop concepts that can fully translate our client’s objective into cinematic screen time. Once all parties agree on one concept, then we start to further develop this concept into a feasible script.


The next critical stage prior to the production is pre-production. This is where the team breaks down the script to obtain all assets required for production such as talent, location, props etc. Depending on the scale of the production, this will take some time but it is crucial to having an efficient production.


With more than six years of professional production experience, Lighthouse team has reached strong expertise in lighting, camera movements, visual composition, props setting, audio recording, and so on. we set a high standard for every single aspect of our work.


When everything is in the can, our editing team begins to piece it together bit by bit. With the client’s input, together we will construct the final picture cut. Then our audio engineers and colorists will take-over to finish all the sound elements and the final color grade.


Once the final product is delivered, we have the option to offer additional promotional services to help the client reach more of its target demographics using the most suitable promotional tool and social media platforms.

Music Video

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We use lights and shadows to tell your story.


“Feathers”, a music video shot for the well-known Afghan singer Mozhdah Jamalzadah. It captures the relationship between an interracial couple in North America. Shot for 4 days on location in Vancouver, this music video received many positive feedback from fans.

A commercial promo presented in a story-based short film. With the unique and various camera techniques, the presentation of the visual elements with cinematic setup adds essential qualities to the story. After the release, many positive feedbacks were received, the popularity of the corporate soared to a new high level.



Working hand in hand with Speedup Education, this music video is a corporate promo presented in contemporary hip-hop form. Racking up over 200K views in just three days, this video even features our own team Frank Pan and Roger Yue, both dropped a hot verse.


“Morecan”, a professional corporate promo made for the professionals at Morecan Auto Group. This video follows the traditional recipe of corporate promos. With strong visual elements and cinematic interview setup, clients can get high quality results without having to break the bank.